About Us

We are a team of shop enthousiasts, sellers, dreamers, storytellers, strategists and start up enthusiasts. We love what we do and do what we love.

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Always one the move
Label Portfolio

We curate more than 100 upcoming labels in our stores. Our portfolio is changing every month and we have weekly new product arrivals. Keep in touch.

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What we do
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Branding platform

Scoopstore has an established online and offline client base and network that helps to boost the awareness of upcoming brands. We love telling brand stories. Our label portfolio is monitored by established retailers to scout the next big thing.

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We offer the service to sell in 4 store locations in a flexible way. Labels provide us with the products and we take care of the rest. The income is transferred to the labels and in return we charge a service fee. A new way of retailing.

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Shopper feedback

We help to grow brands by providing direct shopper feedback to label owners. For upcoming labels it is essential to discover what works really well and what doesn't. It also helps to understand the potential and to get some objective feedback. If you grow. We grow.

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Brand lab

We are a brand lab in which it is fine to experiment, test and learn. We enable testing of new products, packaging, pricing, materials, ... and collect customer feedback. We are not only driven by short term results.

The Start
Every story has a beginning

Our story starts with a red glass of wine on a summer evening in 2013… Benjamin and Inge are talking about how difficult it is to find nice and affordable interior items that are different from what you will find in any store.

They are overwhelmed by many beautiful products on various beautiful webshops, but they are left with many questions. Is this qualitative? How would it look and feel like in real life? Is the webshop reliable and do the products exist? Some designers do have a small shop to their studio and others participate in pop up design fairs… There must be an easier way to make great products accessible!

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Inge Wouters
Founder & Managing Director
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Ilja Jansen
Back office
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Griet Dewulf
Sourcing & Store Manager Ghent
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Indy Van Accom
Store Manager Antwerp
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Store Manager Mechelen