What labels are eligible?

We are looking for brands that have no or limited stores in Benelux. We do not have boundaries on categories. Products that you don't find everywhere and make us smile. Award winning designs are welcome, but we are also looking for small labels that finds its way to the general public. If you are unsure whether your product is allowed, just contact us.

How much does it cost to sell at Scoopstore?

We charge a fixed monthly fee and a commission for our services. Our rates start from 80 euros per month and a commission fee. Our prices vary depending on the surface, type of product and the term of the lease. We always offer a tailor-made offers. We ask a one-time start-up fee for administrative processing. So you know exactly where you stand from the beginning.

How do I get my sales income?

At the end of each month you receive a sales report (per store). You invoice this amount to Scoopstore and we transfer the money to you. For traders who are exempt from VAT, you invoice the amount excluding VAT (VAT must be paid on all items sold in a store). It can be that simple.

How long does it take before I can start selling?

After signing the contract, it takes approximately 10 working days to start selling your products in our stores. In some cases this can go faster. This largely depends on the number of products and your own prep (product list, prices, delivery).

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For how long do I rent?

We offer contracts of 6 and 12 months. The longer you rent, the more discount you will get ;-). We recommend that you rent for at least 12 months, since building your brand takes time. Rome was not built in one day ...

What about shoplifting?

No store likes to be robbed. We do everything possible to prevent theft like anti-theft gates, fitting room checks, CCTV, clear anti-theft procedures, trained store crew, thoughtful shop layout and cooperation with local police. This ensures the lowest possible shoplifting. However, we recommend that you factor in shoplifting in your selling price.

Who takes care of the visual merchandising?

Our visual merchandisers take care of the entire store design so that your products are presented professionally and we maintain a consistent look & feel. Labels can sometimes also strengthen each other in combi. We are not a collection of shop-in-shops. You can supply point of sales material and presentation ideas, but we reserve the right to use it or not.

How do I get the products to the store?

Upon delivery, we register all products in our inventory system. As soon as a product is sold, it is automatically deducted from the stock by the cash register system. From the sales reports you can determine yourself whether it is necessary to replenish your stock. If we notice in the meantime that there are insufficient products and you risk missing out on sales, we will contact you immediately (we also do not want empty store shelves). You can bring new stock to the store or send us by par-cel delivery.

How do I keep track of inventory?

You fill in the standard product form in advance with a list of the products, the sales price and the amounts. You email this a week before the expected delivery date. This way we have time to bring the items into our POS system and prepare the labeling so that they can be sold immediately. You can bring the products to the store yourself or send them by parcel service. Please avoid supplying supplies during weekends. Before starting up, we will go through this in detail so that it runs smoothly as of the first delivery.

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Other Questions?

If you have any other question, just drop as an email and we will be happy to answer you.

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