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Beautiful bags for beautiful women: Da-Lise

Da-Lise was founded in 2019 by Lise van den Boomen from Eindhoven. She has always been creative and entrepreneurship is in the family! "I was trained as a podiatrist and still work in a very nice practice. In recent years, however, I have been dreaming more and more about creating my own brand in which [...]

A refreshing habit to wash your hands: Dou my hands

Dou My hands is a young Belgian brand that developed an innovative disinfectant handsanitiser different from what is available on the market. Hand hygiene is an all-important habit for all of us, especially in these COVID tiles.  It’s an efficient measure to avoid the transmission of harmful germs. Dou My Hands helps to create & [...]

Exclusive & twisted designsto slow down: The Box of Origin

Are you having trouble to slow down? Is it difficult for you to let go of control? Or maybe you just find it hard nót to worry?  Read the story behind The Box of Origin... ​"After working for more than 25 years in People Management and Coaching, I can assure you: you are not alone. ​For years I have [...]

Made with Love: KART APART

Put a smile or a laugh on someone's face with that one card? Meet Belgian graphic design label KART APART. Original and personal texts that can be used for any occasion. All cards are printed on beautiful thick paper in A6 format with matching envelope. What inspires founder Julie Dekoninck? "I love to create things [...]

Unique & Unisex Apparel by Das Werk Haus

DAS WERK HAUS started with a simple concept - To create unique, unisex fashion that everybody can wear. With quality textiles from all over the world, our clothing is handmade from start to finish at our atelier in Cologne, Germany. Each design is made limited and with a zero-waste philosophy at heart, every single garment is [...]

Meet Atelier Li.s

In Ghent you can discover the Belgian jewelry label Atelier Li.s. A very personal collection by a passionate lady...We asked her what the label stands for.. "Atelier LI.S is a small-scale, one-person label. My personal approach and my listening ear are my trump cards. Especially for Scoopstore I made my first shop collection. You will [...]

Candles that you will love!

Happy to introduce to you the great candles of Elate & Co. You will love them! why? Because the fragrances are stunning , long lasting and you do not have to worry about toxins ( there are none!). Curious about the story behind? Meet Elate & Co! "We are a Danish mother and daughter home [...]

Passion for sustainable fashion: KSTMIZED

Every great brand has with a great story. We asked Jolien from KSTMIZED about where it all started... "I am Jolien, founder of KSTMIZED. In June 2018, after 3 years of evening school in Antwerp, I graduated as a fashion designer. This evening course was actually meant as a hobby, next to my job as [...]

Wanna shine and JUST be YOU?!

Just you label is the brand of a young Belgian entrepreneur. The most important thing for the brand is its focus on high quality fashion products for the customers to wear. "We want to make sure that you feel good in our clothes. All pieces are made of sustainable fabrics. We believe that everyone should [...]

Meet some lovely and mythical creatures…

Ma'Jimo was founded in 2018 by brother and sister Bart and Katja Duron, with the (moral) support of Koen Soenens, husband of, and the 8-year-old daughter Ayko. We (Katja, Koen and Ayko) have been living in Singapore since 2014, where we first met the unique hugs of the Japanese Craftholic. Since then, we are regular visitors [...]

A bag for Rena

Discover the moving story about the Rena Bag from Nadia Minkoff In March 2016 I lost my mother Rena to cancer. I should say ‘we lost’ as I am the youngest of 5 plus Rena had grandchildren, family and many friends. We all lost. When diagnosed, Rena decided not to fight; she wanted no treatment, [...]

Should I stop wearing jewellery during the Coronavirus outbreak?

BLOG by Essentialistics The last few months, the whole world is captivated by the coronavirus. The virus can spread easily and to avoid this, various guidelines have been drawn up such as to avoid close contact with anyone that has a fever or cough, covering the nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing, and frequently […]

You also love the smell of real leather? So does KEES!

The story behind KEES, the new Dutch fashion label for sustainable leather bags. “We don’t think there’s anything more beautiful (and smells better) than real and honest leather. With this in mind KEES was born. Why KEES? The name KEES comes from the thought that every woman deserves a ‘man’ on her arm that makes […]

Baron 80, bold, bright and brave

BOLD, BRIGHT AND BRAVE Baron 80 is a bright, Belgian fashion label for men who dare to stand out. We represent a twist on your everyday wardrobe with our timeless classics and comfortable fits in bold colours and with everything-but-dull details. The man who wears Baron 80 is open-minded in his lifestyle as well as in his [...]

Colorful shirts that make you smile

Colorful shirt with Humor Men's shirts boring? With a colorful shirt made of bb chum that's a thing of the past. Martijn Both and Peggy Haullussy are the creative brains behind this Dutch shirt collection with which they want to 'sell color' in the men's wardrobe. bb chum shirts with a mission The mission of [...]

Story about the history of jeans and selvedge denim

A short story about the history of jeans and selvedge denim. Jeans were originally designed as work wear. The railroad workers, ranchers, miners and all the other tough jobs had a demand for sturdy clothing that lasted for a long time and was easy to repair. Nowadays denim jeans are a wardrobe essential and aren’t […]

Coding garments for sustainability

Soem talk about sustainability, others take action. Have a look at this great initiative from AMOV... Studies from e.g. Mitra Future Fashion show that the lifetime of our apparel has a major impact on carbon emissions and water waste. Therefore, AMOV has introduced unique codes on every single piece of apparel. "To help more people [...]

HOJI, where elegance and minimalism come together with streamlined simplicity.

Hello, we are HOJI, a young, Belgian start-up brand with an ambitious goal to change the way you think about watches by delivering premium designs at radically fair prices. Our mission is to strive for the epitome of refined minimalism in high-quality wristwatches. Inspired by Japanese sense for simplicity, we create pieces that stand the test of [...]

May the legacy of Edmond Albius live on in Sir Edmon Gin.

My story starts with a man who felt like doing it differently. A rebellious spirit who didn’t just think outside the box, but got rid of it. An unusual character who singlehandedly changed the future of vanilla. His name: Mr Edmond Albius. In 1841, when he was just 12 years of age, Edmond discovered that […]

Flore Deman … a poetical interpretation of the world surrounding us

Meet Belgian illustrator Flore Deman... Deman combines strong characters and compositions with a bright, atmospheric colour palette. Throughout the years Flore developed an own style of illustration. She makes a poetical interpretation of the world surrounding us. In 2019 her illustration 'It's ok not to be ok' made for Mental Health Day got selected in [...]

Discover the key ingredients of worlds first vanilla gin

Coming from the island of Réunion, vanilla capital of the world, I take my botanicals very seriously. They are presents of Mother Nature, aren’t they? Carefully combined, six of them give my rebellious spirit its unusual character: vanilla (obviously), juniper, angelica root, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon. Let me introduce you to the true stars of […]

Vørding’s Gin is characterised by the distinctive fragrance and taste of hand toasted cedar wood. The light smoky and refined character of the gin is enriched with hints of orange, juniper and cinnamon. The result is a silky smooth distilled and fresh tasting gin. The perfect choice for a gin & tonic, classic cocktail or straight into your […]

Founded in Amsterdam, distilled in Schiedam: Vørding

Curious and in search of the finest gin and genever, Vørding started the quest for his own perfect recipes. Starting out in his own kitchen with a copper distilling pot, he experimented with different flavours and ingredients. During his journey he stumbled upon cedar wood; a tall coniferous tree known for its distinctive fragrance and taste. […]

Bold, bright and brave: Baron 80

Bold, bright and brave Baron 80 is a bright, new fashion label for men who dare to stand out. We represent a twist on your everyday wardrobe with our timeless classics and comfortable fits in bold colours and with everything-but-dull details. The man who wears Baron 80 is open-minded in his lifestyle as well as [...]

From Belgium, with Love. 1971.

Developed by a passionate, the 100% Liège concept claims loud and clear its “ belgicisme ” by pronounciation of the emblematic figure of the brand “ septante and un ”. With twenty years of experience in the development of national and international projects, the designer is now ready to take up a new challenge: to offer an original product […]

Sir Edmond, creator of the world’s first vanilla infused gin

Flamingo’s are curious creatures. How I know? Because I am one. You can call me Sir Edmond, creator of the world’s first vanilla infused gin. Being a migratory bird from the island of Réunion, vanilla capital of the world, it made sense to me to create a gin that honours and evolves around one of […]

Inspired by nature.. Meet Femke De Koninck

Femke De Koninck is a Dutch illustrator. You can find her unique illustrations on cards, totebags, posters,... It’s clear where Femke gets her inspiration from. She processes the little things in nature into small works of art. The combination of fine pen drawings and homemade stamps creates detailed patterns resulting in beautiful beetles. Do you [...]

The story behind Cheesin, the cheese revolution

Cheesin offers every month a selection of the finest cheeses to your front door. What’s the story behind? Meet the founder Gijsbrecht. “Let me introduce myself: I am Gijsbrecht, (just) in my thirties from rural East Flanders. Husband of a sweet wife and father of two treasures of children. Working in a chocolate company (I […]

Recipe: Roasted carrot platter with pumpkin and marple sirup fruit butter

Ingredients 500 g medium carrots, scrubbed and clean 100 g fresh cranberries 4 tbsp of @callasconfiture Pumpkin and Maple sirup Fruit butter zest of ½ large orange 30 ml / 2 tbsp olive oil 3 tsp harissa paste, adjust to taste (strength varies!) a few springs of lemon thyme 1 garlic clove, finely grated salt, […]

Road to the perfect tattoo care

We asked Carl and Johan how to take care of your tattoo as of the start ... Recovery Once the tattoo is in place, apply a thin layer of C&J Regeneration Cream several times a day. Four to five applications per day are usually sufficient during the first week. Ultimate protection is obtained by using [...]

Pure alpaca straight from Peru: RUANA

Every piece of our RUANA collections carries a story and helps sustain a community and an ancient craft. Our garments are made with love and soul by artisans who exhibit a harmonious relationship with their immediate environment. The creation of the RUANA brand came about as part of a rediscovery in my own country, Peru, [...]

The beauty of imperfections

Do you also see the beauty in imperfections and raw materials? Then you will love upcoming label studio anouck van puyvelde! We asked her where the inspiration comes from... "My designs are inspired by the transitoriness and the beauty of wear and tear. I can actually see the perfect in the imperfect. Structures in my [...]

Dare to discover Selva Sauvage

SELVA SAUVAGE, wild jungle, offers easy to wear clothing for children, inspired by nature and beautiful places and people around the world. Every piece of clothing is crafted with adventurous children in mind, running wild and free, exploring their surroundings in comfortable, playful clothing with a timeless feel. Passionate about beauty in every form and [...]

Meet Riaz Dan from Karlsruhe

We asked Riaz Dan from Germany where it all started and where they stand for ... "The label Riaz Dan was born in 2012 out of a passion! True to the motto "Live to create", it was the enthusiasm that drove us from the first idea to the last detail to create.  Our goal is [...]

Carl & Johan is a personal story. Because tattoos always are. 

Carl & Johan is a personal story. Because tattoos always are. The brand name is the confluence of two passionate cofounders with one shared mission: bringing lifelong solutions to everyone who cares about tattoos. Carl is the restless out-of-the box rebel with a commercial background in premium quality cars. Johan is the pharmacist on a mission, [...]


Kelsa Cosmetics is a cruelty-free cosmetics line that relies on the skin tones and undertones to create the most suitable lipstick shades. Kelsa is a Belgium-based cosmetic company founded by Kelly and Elsa, hence the name. We came up with this idea because we were both dealing with the same problem: we couldn’t find good [...]

Beauzart3 “Be Free, Per fas et nefas”.

Beauzart3 is more than a brand is a mindset, feel free to be yourself. Our style is a fusion between High Fashion and ready-to-wear. Everything is handmade and made in France. Beauzart3 “Be Free, Per fas et nefas”. Beauzart3 was born thanks to the crossing between the desire of freedom and passion. The desire of [...]

Sustainable leather bags by KEES!

We believe that nothing is more beautiful (and smells better) as real leather and that’s why we started our brand-new Dutch fashion label for sustainable leather bags. Debbie graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2013 and is the owner of KEES bags. Her love for the natural properties of bio-leather inspired her to design bags [...]

Dress to impress: Selva Sauvage

Summer time... explore these awesome dresses in 100% by Selva Sauvage... pure . soft . fair . wild⁠ ⁠ #earthyshades #naturalfibers #timelessstyle #madeinbelgium⁠ #everypurchaseplantsatree Discover now in our webshop...

Recipe: Jam, balsamico, orange zest and goat cheese

People are more and more in the mood for comfort food. For those cosy days, Karen Depoorter would like to share a delicious recipe with 2 of her favorite ingredients: risotto and raspberry jam. 3 medium-sized red beets 1.5 liters of chicken broth 3 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 small shredded onion 125 […]

Hi honey, this gin is on a mission to help our bee-friends

By bees for bees We work together closely with our bee-friends. In return for their golden nectar, each bottle contributes to protecting and sustaining our urban bee populations. So, as passionate beekeepers and spirit-lovers, we've found a way to unite both worlds. The result is a well-crafted gin with a hint of honey. Hunting the [...]

Helping animals with The Black Bear

The Dutch label The Black Bear intends to help animals. Their tagline is ​Made for you, help for them. But what is the story behind? We asked …another amazing story that will change your vision on the brand… “I have been involved with animals  my whole life one way or another, which has given me […]

It all started with love for jam…. Callas Confiture

Callas Confiture’s Karen Depoorter discovered her love for jam and marmalades when she started harvesting fresh strawberries from her own garden and how she could use these in her Bed and Breakfast, to please her guests at breakfast. She soon discovered that she did not like supermarket jam – such a classic breakfast ingredient – […]

Carl & Johan’s road to the perfect tattoo care

Carl & Johan is a personal story. Because tattoos always are. The brand name is the confluence of two passionate cofounders with one shared mission: bringing lifelong solutions to everyone who cares about tattoos. Carl is the restless out-of-the box rebel with a commercial background in premium quality cars. Johan is the pharmacist on a mission, […]

Wanna surpise your loved ones with our gift voucher?

One of the best things about the COVID-19 period is the fact that we have a reality check on what and who is really important to us. Missing people often also means loving them. Why not surprise your loved ones with a Scoopstore gift voucher applicable in our our stores. #samentegencorona Discover here      […]

The story behind Vinoos, the real wine gum

What a party! With Vinoos you can re-create that relaxed wine moment anywhere at any time with an edible wine tasting, alone or with friends. But how did it all start? The story Marleen Teters and Mireille Reuling are big wine fans and like to describe them selves as ambitious and balanced. They came together […]

How it’s made: first sunglasses from river plastic by w.r.yuma

How w.r.yuma worked with young adventurers to turn waste from the river into a unique collection of sunglasses.  Another look at waste This spring we teamed up with the most enthusiastic kids to co-create world's first sunglasses from river plastic, 3D printed on the spot. Read and see how we did it. New Adventurers Stormkop is an [...]

How it’s made: The Black Bear

Black Bear objective is to help animals in need by donating a percentage of the sales. The creative process behind Black Bear is simply fascinating and takes place in a studio in the Netherlands. The entire procedure comprises a series of different steps, strategically planned and executed with great precision. Screen Printed  To complete each […]

How it’s made: Sustainable soy wax candles

Brandt kaarsen sustainable soy wax candles are handmade and poured with love in Utrecht. They use 100% soy wax flakes from small North-American farms, bio cotton wicks and eco-friendly gift wrapping. Our scents are subtle and smooth so suitable for any kind of candle lover! Wondering how it's made? Have a look below!

‘More diversity please’ by Studio Aina

Studio Aina likes to break old habits. She makes hidden socio-cultural issues accessible to a larger audience by visualizing information with illustrations, performances and stories. The result are playful experiences, workshops and challenges that create space for the openness and spontaneity to discover and learn more about ourselves and others. ‘More diversity please’ is an […]