3 tips for Mother’s Day presents

Every second Sunday of May we all have to deal with it again.

We all want to spoil our dear mums, or plus mums, but how do we do this?

Mother’s Day, the holiday on which we want to show how special those mums actually are for us. We spoil our mothers with breakfasts in bed, the nicest crafts and especially with a lot of love.

Yet this special day did not just happen. Mother’s Day was introduced by the Antwerp Artist, Frans van Kuyk. Whoever wanted to expose the important value of family, and he certainly succeeded. From 1913 we still keep this tradition in, because who doesn’t want to show that our mothers are actually very important to us?

We would like to help you with some tips to really let the mothers feel special.

1. @Hartensteler @Paperartcards

What could be nicer than receiving a personal message? With the cards from Hartensteler you can kill two birds with one stone. A nice surprise with the pop-up effects, and the possibility to write down the words that tell you how special you think your mom is. In addition, PaperArt also offers great presents for an unforgettable mother’s day, where a beautiful message can be transmitted.

2. @Primal_essence_nl @Brandtkaarsen @Botmaenvanbennenkom

What mothers really consider a moment of pampering is, is when they can have a moment for themselves. A delicious scented candle, a soap and care products are the perfect remedy for this.

3. @Asibyisa @Beadzjewellery @Fermconcept

“All you need is LOVE, but a little JEWELRY never hurt anybody”.

And that’s how the mums will feel about it. Every lady is happy with an extra beautiful jewel in the cupboard, and so is the selection at our store very diverse and something for every mom.