Kelsa Cosmetics is a cruelty-free cosmetics line that relies on the skin tones and undertones to create the most suitable lipstick shades.

Kelsa is a Belgium-based cosmetic company founded by Kelly and Elsa, hence the name. We came up with this idea because we were both dealing with the same problem: we couldn’t find good lipstick colours for our complexions. This struggle sparked our creativity and led to us one day asking ourselves: ‘What if we start making our own lipsticks?’.

Kelsa was invented to make life easier for those who are interested in make-up. Instead of doing too much research into different types and brands of lipstick to find your perfect shade, you can have the help of a specialist brand who will find your shade for you!

Our first collection, The Firstborns, consists of 4 matte colours, composed of 2 dark and two lighter shades and are the beginning of the NUDE collection we plan to release. The lipsticks bear the names Ukuaji, which means growth in Swahili, Progennitiki, Greek for “before you were born”, Embryo and Birth. We got the inspiration for the names of the colours from different cultures by looking for terms that have a link with birth.

We are a brand that represents everyone!

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