A happy dance included: Sticktails!

Studio Sticktails is a woman owned company from Amsterdam based on modern, handmade jewelry.

As a child I would make jewelry with my mother from pieces of plexiglass she would bring home with her from school, where she was studying to become an architect and designer. I got back into making jewelry after I finished studying and decided to follow some courses in order to be able to work with metals too. Quickly after that I got pregnant and had the choice to take it a bit easier or to really go for it. I chose the latter and that’s how Sticktails came to exist, mostly out of motherhood.

The first necklaces I made for Sticktails were in honor of this, the ‘Architects’ necklaces
which are made from silver chains with plexiglass cubes attached. All designs are handmade piece by piece and are modern, playful, minimalistic and most of all they aren’t season bound.

With every purchase you are supporting a small business and someone does a happy dance.