ARRIVAL: Woodstag: ecological, local and social


Greg, Toul & Fred have embarked on the adventure with the idea of ​​offering a range of ready-to-wear accessories that are unique, elegant, customizable and above all 100% Belgian. WOODSTAG besides being a brand with strong values ​​is, above all, an ambitious project of sustainable and social economy which aims to highlight the Belgian know-how. The WOODSTAG project is based on an ecological, local and social vision.

“If we are oriented towards woodcrafting, it is for its ability to be infinitely remodelable. With a little imagination and some tools, it is always possible to restore, reinvent, or simply create something new from any piece of wood. Everyone has at home broken wooden objects or things he does not do. Companies specialized in woodcrafting also have leftovers that they do not know what to do with. WOODSTAG becomes a solution to give them a second life.

The local aspect, too, quickly came to us . Our first steps were done with the help of close friends, people from our neighborhood and then with all the partners that we meet. For the enrichment that these meetings bring us and the pleasure of the contacts , we wanted to keep the local side at the heart of our project.

Finally, the social side comes from the collaboration with two very particular partners. For woodworking, we have worked closely with an organization that assists with the training and future reintegration of prisoners by offering them different types of manual work. The WOODSTAG team is proud to have installed a workshop and to participate in the project through the continuous training of woodworking prisoners. As far as sewing is concerned, it is with a socioprofessional insertion workshop, which forms the future hands of great fashion houses, that we have chosen to work.