ARRIVAL: 2 students with a mission: breaking sock boreness. Meet Rockhopper Socks!

Rockhopper Socks stand for breaking boringness. We want to give your daily life a colorboost, maybe get you out of your comfort zone every once in a while, but mostly we want to give you the opportunity to stand tall and confident! Socks are the forgotten piece of clothing that everyone wears, so we redefined them. From now on, your day will start with some color!


Way too many people don’t care about their socks, we do. We made it our goal to give your outfit that extra edge! With a focus on quality and design, we make fun, unique pieces of knitwear. Rockhopper Socks are the finest socks you will ever own!


In 2016, we started Rockhopper as a project. We MADE OUR FIRST DESIGNS, learned about the production process, found the right manufacturer and went to work. THE amazing support we got was an obvious signal: don’t stop! Now, we are taking on the challenge of building our own business. We want as many people as possible to step up their sockgame and bring some color and playfulness into their daily lives.


Because we believe in taking our responsability, we make sure we contribute in three major ways:

  • All our socks are produced in Europe
  • Our packaging is made of recycled materials
  • We donate 25 cents to a charity of our customers’ choice for each pair sold