Bags with printing on demand and customized: Villa Sanseveria Shop

Bags with printing on demand and customized. A crazy plan? No, I didn’t think so. Because customization, personalize gives so much satisfaction and desire. And happy faces.

A few years ago founded Joni Villa Sanseveria Shop. The bags of Villa Sanseveria Shop stand for homely coziness, sometimes with a naughty, playful or astute touch. Designing prints, making bags on demand, that’s what I do at Villa Sanseveria.

Choose your own quote, drawing or image and I put that on a bag. A convenient lunch bag, a cuddly bag for the kids or a sporty bag for the dance class, … In the Villa, there are quite a few options.

Choose a ready-made model is possible, but I’m certainly open to brainstorming together with you until we have the perfect bag.