Beauzart3 “Be Free, Per fas et nefas”.

Beauzart3 is more than a brand is a mindset, feel free to be yourself. Our style is a fusion between High Fashion and ready-to-wear. Everything is handmade and made in France. Beauzart3 “Be Free, Per fas et nefas”.

Beauzart3 was born thanks to the crossing between the desire of freedom and passion. The desire of
be yourself, be unique and dream big. Our universe is for everyone who is not afraid, not afraid being yourself, not afraid to shine.

Beauzart3 is a premium brand specialized in short and unique pieces made in France. Through this brand you will find classy style and unique style which are made for events or casual days. Each piece have is own name, story and universe. Most of the pieces are close to the High Fashion and will give you a unique style.

Available at Scoopstore Antwerp