Breaking Rocks is a global destination for fashion-forward people

“Breaking Rocks is a global destination for fashion-forward, free-thinking people. Born out of a group of like minded globetrotters, who during their travels got inspired by the various styles and looks they discovered in clubs and festivals around the world.

We search high and low for inspiration, from London to Tokyo, and bring this to your doorstep. Our shop is stocked with designs that can’t be found elsewhere. “Who is a Rock Breaker? Somebody who lives for the moment, somebody who’s cool, but not too cool to let go!“
At Breaking Rocks, we are our customer. Because of this, our job is an easy one: inspire and be inspired by awesome individuals.

Live for the moment, Care for the future

At Breaking Rocks we want to bring you the best quality but with respect for the well being of our Globe. All the chemicals and materials used in our products comply with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100. This is a worldwide, consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used. In this way we protect the environment and employees during production, you when wearing, and again environment when the product is no longer in use.

Further on we want you to be happy when wearing our products, but we also want the employees making our stuff to be happy. That is why we produce close to home, not even 1000km’s away from our HQ in Holland. The factory is located in EU and follows EU law and standards, all employees get a good salary and there is no child labour, slave labour or forced working conditions. We can easily control all these Fair-trade conditions close to home and we can guarantee that there are no refugees working here or that people face sexual assaults. Moreover; the distance is short and it helps us to bring down our Carbon Footprint for transport.

Last but not least we are working on cotton fabric that is produced with less chemicals and less water. It is too simple to say we use organic cotton. That is not how the industry works. We are trying to get grip on the chain and want to know exactly where it comes from and how the cotton is made. We want to achieve this goal next year.

We hope you support our vision on making our shiny allover printed products.”

Guest editor: Breaking Rocks