Breaking Rocks x Fashion Bloggers

A big part of Breaking Rocks brand success comes from cooperating with the best and most popular Fashion Bloggers around the world.
Being on the E-commerce frontline they work with most succesful influencers and we love to share there top 15 style bloggers list based on Instagram followers. We are sure that most names are familiar to true fashionista’s, but it is worth checking once not on your radar.

Many of these independent publicers have become a real part of the fashion establishment. They run their own businesses and launch clothing lines, magazines and become regular guests on TV-shows. Instagram enabled the bloggers to create more and more followers.

When Breaking Rocks brand launched 4 years ago Instagram was just beginning and many wannabe Style and Fashion bloggers only had a few thousand followers. It is really nice to see that in past years a lot of our early days bloggers grew to ten-thousands and even several-hundred thousands followers. Funny to see that number 1 and 2 are both male, so is number 9. Not something you would expect when talking about fashion. All others are women. Go check them out.

1. Gian Maria Sainato – Italy @gianmariasainato – 600K

gian maria sainato city skyline sweater

2. Vini Uehara – Brazil @viuehara – 563K

vini uehara space tee

3. Mascha Feoktisova – The Netherlands @beautygloss – 560K

beautygloss mascha feoktistova unicorn sweater

4. Kayla Hadlington – UK @kaylahadlington – 410K

kayla hadlington breakingrocksbag

5. Cup of Couple – Spain @cupofcouple – 372K


6. Alisa Ueni – Japan @alisaueno – 274K

Alisa Ueno Panter sweater

7. Lina Tesch – Germany @linatesch – 182K

Lina Tesch fluffy laser cats t-shirt

8. Andreas Wijk – Sweden @andreaswijk – 177K

Andreas Wijk Landscape sweater

9. Masha Sedgwick – Germany @masha – 140K

Masha Sedgwick panter jumper


10. Katrin Berndt – Sweden @katrinberndt – 139K

katrin berndt fire flame longsleeve


11. Ebba Zingmark – Sweden @ebbazingmark – 135K

Ebba Zingmark Cloud District look III


12. Frederique Bos – The Netherlands @fablefrique – 111K

fab le frique fire flame sweater


13. Larissa Bruin – The Netherlands @larissabruin – 99,7K

Larissa Bruin Tiger tee

14. Rachel Ecclestone – The Netherlands @urbantraveller  98,4K

urbantraveller pyramid sweater

15. Sofia Reis – Portugal @mexiquer – 83,9K

sofia reis mexiquer 420floral sweater


16. (but included in top list) Nikita Wong – France @meetmeinparee – 81,9K

Nikita Wong Donut worry sweater