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  • Road to the perfect tattoo care

    We asked Carl and Johan how to take care of your tattoo as of the start ... Recovery Once the tattoo is in place, apply a thin layer of C&J Regeneration Cream several times a day. Four to five applications per day are usually sufficient during the first week. Ultimate protection is obtained by using [...] Continue Reading
  • Helping animals with The Black Bear

    The Dutch label The Black Bear intends to help animals. Their tagline is ​Made for you, help for them. But what is the story behind? We asked …another amazing story that will change your vision on the brand… “I have been involved with animals  my whole life one way or another, which has given me […]

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  • Wanna surpise your loved ones with our gift voucher?

    One of the best things about the COVID-19 period is the fact that we have a reality check on what and who is really important to us. Missing people often also means loving them. Why not surprise your loved ones with a Scoopstore gift voucher applicable in our our stores. #samentegencorona Discover here      […]

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  • How it’s made: The Black Bear

    Black Bear objective is to help animals in need by donating a percentage of the sales. The creative process behind Black Bear is simply fascinating and takes place in a studio in the Netherlands. The entire procedure comprises a series of different steps, strategically planned and executed with great precision. Screen Printed  To complete each […]

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  • Who made your Amsterdenim jeans?

    The future of fashion is sustainable. We asked Amsterdenim who makes their clothes. “We do our best to produce in a sustainable way by keeping it close at home (our jeans are produced in Italy and Turkey) working with certified factories, using as little water and chemicals as possible and working more and more with […]

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  • Sunglasses at night

    The Inuit made sunglasses out of walrus bone to protect their eyes against snow blindness. 2.000 years later w.r.yuma 3D printed a replica of their timeless design and collaborated with graphic designers to give it a 21st century look. See the world through new eyes. Together with graphic designers w.r.yuma co-created a new contemporary collection […]

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