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  • Protect yourself with fashionable and suitable facial masks

    Designer and artists Liesbeth de Vos presents a fashionable and sustainable collection of facial masks for everyday use in trendy prints and colours. Designed and produced in her own studio in Holland. is my label for accessories, prints, drawings and paintings of specially selected flowers. Because of my background as an accessory and print [...] Continue Reading
  • Beautiful bags for beautiful women: Da-Lise

    Da-Lise was founded in 2019 by Lise van den Boomen from Eindhoven. She has always been creative and entrepreneurship is in the family! "I was trained as a podiatrist and still work in a very nice practice. In recent years, however, I have been dreaming more and more about creating my own brand in which [...] Continue Reading
  • A refreshing habit to wash your hands: Dou my hands

    Dou My hands is a young Belgian brand that developed an innovative disinfectant handsanitiser different from what is available on the market. Hand hygiene is an all-important habit for all of us, especially in these COVID tiles.  It’s an efficient measure to avoid the transmission of harmful germs. Dou My Hands helps to create & [...] Continue Reading
  • Exclusive & twisted designsto slow down: The Box of Origin

    Are you having trouble to slow down? Is it difficult for you to let go of control? Or maybe you just find it hard nót to worry?  Read the story behind The Box of Origin... ​"After working for more than 25 years in People Management and Coaching, I can assure you: you are not alone. ​For years I have [...] Continue Reading
  • Made with Love: KART APART

    Put a smile or a laugh on someone's face with that one card? Meet Belgian graphic design label KART APART. Original and personal texts that can be used for any occasion. All cards are printed on beautiful thick paper in A6 format with matching envelope. What inspires founder Julie Dekoninck? "I love to create things [...] Continue Reading
  • Unique & Unisex Apparel by Das Werk Haus

    DAS WERK HAUS started with a simple concept - To create unique, unisex fashion that everybody can wear. With quality textiles from all over the world, our clothing is handmade from start to finish at our atelier in Cologne, Germany. Each design is made limited and with a zero-waste philosophy at heart, every single garment is [...] Continue Reading