Colorful menswear by Anne-Pia

Anne-Pia designs and makes colorful menswear. Where did it all started and what is the idea behind teh brand? We asked Anne-Pia herself.

“A short introduction round: I am Anne-Pia Versteeg, 28 years old and living in Deventer. For as long as I can remember I design and make clothes for others and myself. In this way I distinguish myself and look uniquely and fashionably dressed. The barbies were my first customers.

Maybe you are wondering how I ended up with menswear? After a period of doubting and doubting, I decided to quit my job as an optical retailer manager and follow my heart to start for myself. But with what and how? My friend and I ran into the problem that there were actually no nice, original and somewhat different men’s T-shirts. That was the time for me to start making T-shirts for men.

I started designing and making different men’s T-shirts until I found the perfect fit and fabric. And so it was that the first AP T-shirts could be worn. They were received very positively. This made me decide to completely change my business plan and to fully focus on (my) men’s clothing.

And what kind of menswear line is it then? I would describe my T-shirts as colorful. This is one of the features that makes them distinctive. Because it is not only colorful, the prints, fit and high quality fabrics are also features that are very important. I have done a lot of research to develop the best T-shirt. For example, I looked at how a T-shirt should fit and I adjusted the fit accordingly. Then I looked for fabrics that fit well with the fit. During the search for these fabrics I also paid a lot of attention to the quality of the fabric and of course the prints. Only the best is good enough. Ultimately, all this together led to the collection that is now available online and in selected points of sale.”