Colorful shirts that make you smile

Colorful shirt with Humor

Men’s shirts boring? With a colorful shirt made of bb chum that’s a thing of the past. Martijn Both and Peggy Haullussy are the creative brains behind this Dutch shirt collection with which they want to ‘sell color’ in the men’s wardrobe.

bb chum shirts with a mission

The mission of bb chum: ‘bb chum will help you spice up your identity & lifestyle in a vivid and dazzling colorful way! A challenge that Martijn and Peggy smile at with a clear collection of shirts with cheerful prints and good value for money. In addition, with their shirt collection they want to make the man more visible and unique in his appearance and show that they are men with a colorful life.

Different than usual

The reason to start with the shirt label came from a need of its own. Martijn was fed up with all those basic uni’s and wanted something different. Thinking differently isn’t strange to him, because at companies like Ahold and the HEMA he was used to boost and breathe new life into product groups with which things didn’t go so well. Peggy, on the other hand, can look back on years of experience as a buyer at companies such as Arrow and WE, specializing in … CONVERSION. Peggy: Shirts is a nice product group because it’s an easy product, every man wears it and you can make something really special out of it.

How do men react?

Men’s fashion can be much more fun and with bb chum we want to contribute to that. Men’s fashion is in a vicious circle and we break it with humor, color, relativization and cheerfulness in contrast to the silos full of branded unity. Of course we would like to be overwhelmed by our own success. But on the other hand, it’s also nice to be able to build the brand quietly”. Peggy: Because we have a maximum of 149 pieces of each shirt made and number them individually, it still remains exclusive and because a number of distribution links are missing, we can deliver good quality for a price of EUR 79,95. Our strength also lies in the fact that we really are ourselves and deliver an honest product; what you see is what you get! And that combination of factors many men already appreciate and feel great in one of our shirts.


One of the goals of the duo is to become a colorful lifestyle brand for men. Peggy: And by colorful we mean colorful because of the design. The nice thing about the shirts is that the guy who likes the prints a little too much can wear the shirt under a sweater where, for example, the collar squeaks cheerfully above it. Also, a shirt with prints can easily be worn under a suit in a less formal setting or for the casual Friday. Nowadays, the rules about what to wear are a lot more relaxed. Men may still need to be brought up a bit in that. Due to the positive reactions of our customers we also offer them the opportunity to buy accessories from us in colors that you can’t easily find elsewhere, but are great to combine with the shirts. But we focus on shirts with prints. Categories that always do well are shirts with flowers, retro designs, and animal designs. At the moment we bring new prints every month, because we understand very well that a man doesn’t just want to put himself in the new… Our motto is: SPICE UP YOUR IDENTITY.