Creative wooden accessories by Van Gors

We are excited to welcome Van Gors. Van Gors is a new label bringing wooden bowties, handmade in Latvia. Four friends combined their arts & crafts, knowledge and creativity. Each bow tie combines the best of art and design. The wood veneers are sourced from suppliers around the world. Currently, Van Gors uses oak, maple, wenge, mahogany, purpleheart, zebrawood and walnut. Each handmade bow tie consists of three layers. The fastening is concealed under the top layer. Only the sturdiest and most flexible wood is choosen to form the special shape of the bow. The layers are finished off with linseed oil, wax or shellac polish. The bow ties are as light as a feather. From start to finish it takes 3 to 5 days to make a single bow tie.

The results are magnificent and exclusive bow ties that give an original touch to your outfit. For true gentlemen and cool ladies.

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