Danish quality fashion to wear for a long time…

Studio AMOV is a new Danish clothing brand that provides daywear in clean, cool and minimalistic designs. Our collection is based on quality materials from organic, responsible and sustainable sources, and it is carefully designed to be worn and cherished for years instead of seasons.

Every single AMOV piece is marked with a number that correlates with the AMOV-year of production. Our hope is that this generation identifier will help ensure longevity in our products and encourage people to reuse and enjoy their garment for as long as possible. The number is a sign of our belief that quality garments over time will become more valuable, as they become representations of personal experiences.

To help more people get use out of our garments, in 2019 we will provide a platform to resell worn, yet wearable and valuable AMOV pieces. By using a unique coding system on our garments, each customer can register their code online and receive full knowledge about production and previous ownerships of their particular garment