Dialogue creates ideas

Hello, I’m Bert Golsteyn, owner of One Bright Idea.  I’m an Antwerp based designer that has always been fascinated by peoples homes and the way they storage things. In this modern society homes are getting smaller, windows are getting bigger and (multi)functional storage is more important than ever.  One Bright Idea stands for creative, beautiful and most of all functional design.  I like to incorporate more functions into one piece of furniture, so it is not only beautiful, but also saves you space while being complementary  with the rest of your house.

“Dialogue creates ideas” is my creative statement because I believe that communication between the designer and the client is key to a good design that fits you, your home and lifestyle. That is why I like to start with a visit to your home, a personal contact and a clear view of who you are and what you want. The next step is translating that dialogue into some first sketches. From those sketches and a new dialogue I will create the perfect addition to your home.

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