Frequently Asked Questions


Are there constraints on the kind of labels? 

SCOOP store has been launched to give new designers and brands opportunities to find a channel to the general public. We make the necessary efforts to create additional brand awareness through various media channels. Well-known brands have already grown out of this phase, and we prefer to give the chance to upcoming labels. Products that you do not find elsewhere and make us smile. Prizes of major design contests are welcome, but we are also looking for a small labels that are just looking for a wide audience next to their webshop. In addition, SCOOP store is always entitled to refuse products if it thinks they are unsuitable, or may damage the image of SCOOP store or that of other labels in our store. If you are in doubt if your product is allowed, please contact us first.

How do I get my earnings?

At the end of each month, you will receive a sales report of all your products. You invoice this amount to SCOOP store and after receipt we will transfer the money to your bank account. For merchants who are exempt from VAT, you invoice the amount excluding VAT (as VAT needs to be paid on all sold products in a store). It is just this simple.

How long does it take to start selling?

After signing the contract it takes about 10 business days to start selling your products in our stores. In some cases this can go even faster. This largely depends on the number of products and your own preparation (product list, prices, delivery goods).

How much does it cost to sell at SCOOP store?

For our services, we charge a monthly fee composed of a fixed amount and a commission on the sold products. Our rates start from 149 euros a month (no kidding). Our prices vary according to the store space, type of product and contract duration. We always offer a tailor made bid based on your type of products. We also request a one-time startup fee for administrative processing (cash system, website, etc). This amounts to 125 euros. After the start, you will thus only pay for the monthly fee. You know perfectly what you will pay for as of the start.


Do I need a VAT number?

Yes. If you do not have this, you will need to do this before you can start. However, this is a lot simpler and cheaper than many think. We recommend that you turn to the official supporting organizations such as the ‘ondernemingsloket’. They give you clear and correct information about all necessary formalities and will help you from a to z. They can check with you whether you are eligible to start as self-employed. You can register there at the crossroads of companies (KBO) and request a VAT number. The registration in the KBO costs you 81.5 euros, the application of a VAT number is approximately 60 euros.

Do I have to declare VAT?

You are responsible for your own VAT declaration. The products are yours until they are sold to the consumer (we never buy products). You will receive our sales turnover including VAT. You are therefore also responsible for the VAT declaration. If you are exempt from VAT, you will receive sales turnover excluding VAT as all the goods sold are eligble to VAT. Your accountant can help you with this. To find a recognized accountant in your area, visit


For how long do I rent?

We offer contracts from 6 to 12 months. The longer you rent, the more discount you get ;-). We recommend that you rent for 12 months as building your label needs time. Rome was not built in one day…

Is there a contract?

There is of course a formal contract. This contract is discussed in detail in our introductory meeting so that we know what to expect from each other. Good agreements are essential for a good collaboration.

What about shop lifting?

No store likes shop lifting. At SCOOP store, we therefore do everything possible to avoid theft and to act strictly, such as: anti-theft ports (AM technology), fitting room security (anti-theft removal), security cameras, clear anti-theft procedures, highly trained store crew, spatially thought-out shop, big bag checks and trolleys and cooperation with local police. This minimizes shop lifting. However, we recommend that you calculate shopping theft at your selling price.

Who is responsible for visual merchandising?

We are. Our visual merchandisers take care of the placement of the products in store and visual merchandising to make sure that we have a consistent look and feel. We are not a bunch of mini shop-in-shops. You can provide supporting point of sales materials, but  it is up to us to use it or not.

How do I keep track of my inventory?

Upon delivery, we register all products in our stock system. As soon as a product is sold, it is automatically deducted from the inventory. From the sales reports you can decide if it is necessary to complete your stock. If we notice in the meantime that there are insufficient products present and you are likely to miss sales, we will contact you (we also do not want empty shelves). You can bring new stock to the store or send us by courier. Our stores in Mechelen and Antwerp are also Kiala / UPS access points. If you find that you need to add stock too often, you can order additional stock in our warehouse.

How do I send products to SCOOP store?

You fill out in advance the standard product form with a list of products, the sales price and the number of items. You send this form by mail to us and indicate the expected delivery date. We ask that you do this for 7 calendar days before delivery. In this way we have the time to input the produtcs into our point of sales system and prepare the labeling. We will then create new products in the point of sales system so that they can be sold immediately. You can either bring the products to the store or send them by parcel service (UPS preferred). Please avoid supplying stock during peak times and weekends (we give priority to helping customers and selling products). Upon receipt of the goods we check the amounts and active them in the system. Any stock differences will be communicated to you. Before starting, we will take explain this procedure in detail to you so that it runs smoothly from the first delivery.

Other questions? Contact us! We don’t bite.