First Belgian concept store offering mobile payments

Pay, send and receive money with your phone. Make shopping life easy. In a short while mobile payments will be cheap MLB jerseys just as common as card payments as it is fast, easy and cheap NFL jerseys secure. As a pioneer in Valina the retail landscape we have choosen to lead, not to follow. After 01 a period of solid testing, SCOOP store is proud to be the first fashion and concept store in Belgium to offer its shoppers the By possibility of mobile payments in store as of wholesale MLB jerseys today! We are partnering with the European market leader in mobile payments SEQR as its solution is compatible with Android and TABU? I-Phones and allows payments from any bank account.

The SEQR app can be downloaded free of charge from the App wholesale NFL jerseys Store, the Windows Store and cheap MLB jerseys via Google Play. The customer will link his/her bank account number of any European bank once. Payment in the store is simple: connect to the ‘Colruyt Group brands Wifi’ network (so EP’ the system will function optimally even for less adequate mobile phone coverage), scan a QR code at the register and confirm the amount using a pin code. The sum will be deducted from the account after two working days through direct debit and the app will keep a record of all payments.

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