Founded in Amsterdam, distilled in Schiedam: Vørding

Curious and in search of the finest gin and genever, Vørding started the quest for his own perfect recipes. Starting out in his own kitchen with a copper distilling pot, he experimented with different flavours and ingredients.

During his journey he stumbled upon cedar wood; a tall coniferous tree known for its distinctive fragrance and taste. The cedar wood is carefully selected and the pieces are chopped and toasted by hand to release the aromatic oils, which are said to work warming and relaxing. After infusing and filtering, they give Vørding’s Gin and Genever their light smokey identity and rich golden colour.

After almost two years of distilling, developing and refining, Vørding’s Gin was born. It resulted in a rich blend of botanicals, with the addition of toasted cedar wood to give the gin its distinctive character.

Five years later he went back to the ancestor of Gin to produce his second product; the traditional Dutch Genever. This distinguishes itself from Gin by the use of maltwine; a whiskey-like triple distillate made of barley and rye. This makes Vørding’s Genever the warm and full relative of Vørding’s Gin.

Genever has a long and proud Dutch history, with Gin being its direct descendant. All our spirits are distilled in Schiedam through the traditional process by skilled artisans.

And that toasted cedar wood infusion? Vørding still chops, toasts and adds it by hand. Ensuring a premium product with a personal touch.