From Belgium, with Love. 1971.

Developed by a passionate, the 100% Liège concept claims loud and clear its “ belgicisme ” by pronounciation of the emblematic figure of the brand “ septante and un ”.

With twenty years of experience in the development of national and international projects, the designer is now ready to take up a new challenge: to offer an original product of quality, ethical, and exclusive design that is at once modern, original and “revival”.

The “1971” collection offers clothing that is easily identifiable thanks to its graphic style, colour code and retro badge that remembers the sports badges of our childhood.

The vintage influence of his artworks is strong while being reinterpreted in contemporary colour palettes.

The Belgian flag is present on our labels, reflecting our strong assumed identity.

The main idea is to feed the collection as the year and the seasons go by, through new products such as sweaters, polo shirts, t-shirts. We do not want to operate in a system of collection and classic sales rhythm but rather to listen to our desires and affirm, over time, who we are and what we love.

Our products have been designed to live, be washed and worn over and over again according to our desires.

Available in Scoopstore Antwerp and Ghent