Get to know the Best Boxer in the World: PFM Underwear

In November we launch at SCOOP store the Dutch underwear label PFM underwear, the best boxer in the world.

Notgood but perfect

PFM stands for performance and focuses on men who go for the highest quality. Men who go for the best and want to win. Power, quality and class are the three key words that PFM always stands for.

Designed by women for men

The boxershorts from PFM underwear are ‘designed by women for men’. After all, women know how they want to see their man: full of confidence in a good boxershort. PFM underwear was launched in early 2016 by owner and founder Pauline Mulder. Pauline was a top tennis player in her youth, a passion that she now translates into the pursuit of a top brand of trendy boxershorts.

PFM stands for performance

The Dutch underwear brand PFM underwear has a distinctly masculine signature. PFM stands for Performance and that is not only reflected in the dynamic designs, but also in the PFM underwear campaign for 2018 with Glory world champion Rico Verhoeven.

Rico verhoeven new ambassador of PFM underwear

Without a doubt the best boxer in the world The collaboration with PFM Underwear is what Rico is best suited for. He becomes more than a model of the brand or ‘the face of. For Rico it is important to be able to give your own twist to the brand and to be intensively involved. He is the type that likes to be in control and is extremely perfectionistic. That is one of the reasons why the match with the brand is so good. Rico Verhoeven explains: “At PFM, it’s all about details and quality, I recognize that as an athlete, I also want to score high on all points and bring out the best quality.” What immediately struck me about this collaboration is the fact that it is typical male product as it is made and designed by women, and you know what they say: “Behind almost every successful man is a strong woman!” I also find it amazing that I can work with them and grow together.