Joh Clothing in Antwerp, Ghent and Mechelen

Scoopstore can now proudly say that Joh Clothing is sold in Antwerp, Mechelen and Ghent.

Joh Clothing has started to sell their collections in Ghent, but after having achieved success, they have taken the step to switch to all three of our stores.

Joh Clothing mainly stands for unique and this is what they want to radiate with their collections. The collections are made for all ages and also for both men and women. Joh Clothing works with quality material and cooperates with a fair trade brand.

  1. Unique and stylish

With the Joh Clothing collections you ensure that you are always trendy and uniquely dressed. Great sweaters, t-shirts and bags will complete your wardrobe!

  1. Honest, fair-trade and quality

When buying a Joh Clothing product, you know in advance what you will get. Every Joh Clothing product offers both quality and fair treatment. Each piece is made in collaboration with a fair trade brand.

  1. Personalization

In addition to their standard collection, Joh Clothing also offers the possibility to personalize your own sweater, t-shirt or bag!

Scoopstore is a fan! You too?