Lamps that make us smile: Little Lamp Company! is a new brand of high quality home and children’s room lamps and was established in 2017 by Nathalie, a mother of 3 kids from Brasschaat. We introduce fresh new designs to from our own limited range having worked in the business for over 10 years. The lamps are hand made in Europe, assembled in Belgium and offered with a very personal focus on customer service. designs are brought to life through hand crafting wax models by a local artist.

The brand represents modern limited edition fun designs, high quality, ultra low power with outstanding reliability from modern LED and electrics.  Colours are inspired from nature and the designs are inspired by our customers.

We hope customers find our range fresh, exciting and unique, and hope they enjoy the fact that they can purchase with the confidence of a 2 year warrantee, a quality decorative lamp that will last for several years and become a part of either children’s youth or family memories when used in your bedroom, kitchen or other living parts of your home.