The month of May will be entirely devoted to the use of plastic.

The entire month, therefore, attention is paid to the surplus plastic waste that we all deal with every day.

In this plastic free month we encourage each other to come through the month of May with the use of no or as little plastic as possible. We do this to help our environment.

But why is it so important to use less plastic?

  • About one hundred thousand tons of plastic floats in the ocean
  • This plastic is not broken down by nature
  • Millions of animals get caught in this plastic
  • 72% of the earth’s surface consists of water
  • Every year we use around 1000 billion plastic bags worldwide
  • We use 1.4 billion plastic bottles a day

In short: We urgently need to change this. But how are we going to do this?

A better start, starts with yourself. This includes tackling the use of plastic bags and plastic bottles. We have two very nice solutions for this:

To reduce the use of plastic bags, our label @villasanseveria offers great reusable bags. Joni also brings bags with printing on demand and customized to the market. That way you can wear your own creations. But choosing one of her super cool standard models is certainly possible.

In addition to the plastic bags, plastic bottles are of course also a huge problem. We have a nice solution for this: the @seaway drinking cans.

Seaway is started by six students who are fully committed to improving the ocean. They donate at least 25% of their profit to “The Ocean Cleanup”! Fantastic right?

Not only Seaway supports the ocean, but also Carl Plasschaert, who will soon take a special action to save the ocean. Carl wants to be the first Belgian solo rower to rise to the challenge of rowing across the ocean in the Transatlantic rowing competition. He will row a distance of 5,000 km from La Gomera (Canary Island) to Antigua in the Caribbean Sea. Very special!

Carl’s challenge is linked to 40cean, a charity dedicated to create plastic free beaches and oceans. Carl has set a budget of € 130,000 for the crossing and hopes to be able to collect this, with help. After the crossing, the rowing boat wll be sold and the proceeds, together with the remaining budget, will go directly to 40cean.

Would you like to support Carl through his challenging action? Then that’s certainly possible! The size of the logo on the rowing boat is determined on the basis of the sponsored amount. If interested, you can always contact: info@atlanticjourney.be

Zone 1 opp. 0,7 m2 (140cm x 50cm) €19.000
Zone 2 opp. 0,4 m2 (80cm x 50cm) €13.000
Zone 3 opp. 0,1 m2 (50cm x 20cm) €3.750
Visibility clothing €10.000