NEW: SJAAN slim fit jeans for women by Amsterdenim

We are proud to present SJAAN, the first ever style developed by Amsterdenim for women. It took them five years to finally come with women’s jeans. The SJAAN slim fit jeans has been tested by many different women during the past 2 years. Follow #amsterdenim_sjaan on Instagram to see them.

The philosophy of SJAAN is very simple and exactly what you might expect from a menswear brand: SJAAN only comes in one fit (slim fit) and in one wash, ‘Oud Blauw’ (Old Blue). As there is so much to choose from in this World and as this might cause stress, they offer a simple solution: SJAAN. As we say in Dutch: “Wat moet ik aan? pak een SJAAN

The name SJAAN refers to the barmaid everyone who’s ever been to Amsterdam knows and loves. She gets along with everyone as she’s flexible but she’s also strong and reliable.