Passion for sustainable fashion: KSTMIZED

Every great brand has with a great story. We asked Jolien from KSTMIZED about where it all started…

“I am Jolien, founder of KSTMIZED. In June 2018, after 3 years of evening school in Antwerp, I graduated as a fashion designer. This evening course was actually meant as a hobby, next to my job as a tax consultant. Together with my sister, I was looking for something new, since we hadn’t eaten much cheese from tennis.

During the training, my interest started to grow and I daydreamed of having my own fashion label. Yet I did nothing with it because I had a steady job. Until my interest was aroused again by my experiment in upcycling old garments. In October 2019 I decided to pursue my dream and start my own sustainable fashion label.

My mission? To create awareness about the impact of the fashion sector on the world and our society and to show that sustainability goes hand in hand with unique, timeless designs. In addition, I am committed to cooperate as much as possible with local sewing workshops and to give people who no longer find work a second chance.”