Personal cards with a nostalgic touch: Meet Petit Pou!

Petit Pou is a Belgian label that brings a collection of nostalgic beautiful cards.

Discover the story behind Petit Pou…

If you ask me, the charm of real mail still lies in a handwritten letter, a fancy birthday card, a ‘thinking of you’ message in tough times, or other fun post. Just admit it: sending and receiving a card you can hold feels a lot more intimate than our virtual world.
Memories of a wonderful childhood take me back to the smell of grandma’s fresh pastry, stories around the fire, mail falling on the door mat.

My passion for design and color led to the creation of Petit Petou: postcards which remind of olden days, with elements of the past and a high quality paper structure for a nostalgic feel.

Maybe you wonder about the origins of the name Petit Petou. My great-grandfather used to call all his (great-)grandchildren ‘Little Petou’, probably because he could no longer remember all the names.