Physical launch platform for designers and brands

The first Belgian store SCOOP & is a fact. Early June Inge Wouters and Benjamin Dawes opened the doors of their pilot store in Antwerp (Belgium). The concept? To provide a physical sales platform to novice upcoming designers and labels without the need to be cheap jerseys present themselves so they can dedicate their time fully to their creative exploits.

SCOOP store is not pop wholesale nfl jerseys up store. On the contrary. Although the brands and products will rotate regularly, the store itself remains. It is the dream platform for young designers and new brands that often lack the resources to open an own sales outlet. SCOOP store offers them a creative answer: space, store equipment, organization cheap jerseys China and personnel are provided by SCOOP store, so the designer does not need to worry about the sale of their products. So it boils down to the simple value proposition that a starting label or designer rents store space for a fixed monthly fee and does not to worry about the commercial hassle. You determine the price of your products and SCOOP store takes care of selling them.

Unique experience – Also for today’s consumer SCOOP store is an interesting and new shopping experience. Indeed, you will find brands that you cannot Welcome buy elsewhere and the products are often unique and / or custom made. As some 押さえておくべき建物の基本5構造|無災害住宅ガイド labels will enter and others will move on when they are ready for the next step, there is always something new to discover. Next to this, the creative environment and the diversity of product range (clothing, art, electronics, jewelry, decorations, toys, furniture, accessories, …) stand for an exceptional shopping experience in the impressive setting of an cheap jerseys old industrial building.

Practically – Young labels, upcoming designers and artists with no (or limited) physical distribution points available, may offer their products for sale Visa in SCOOP store for a fixed monthly fee and a minimum period of 3 months. The rate is determined on the basis of the type of product and the required store space. The entire turnover is transferred to the lessee on a monthly base. With their deep experience in retail and business consultancy Inge and Benjamin also support the labels to increase sales and to return customer feedback so that the designers know how consumers experience their products and keep in touch with the market. Designers can also organize in-store workshops or even work in SCOOP store for free, what strengthens the store experience for both client and designer.


Success story – A few weeks after the opening of their first Spiff SCOOP store, Inge and Benjamin already dream about a second store. The reactions – from both designers and shoppers – are overwhelmingly positive and many new designers approached them to embark on this exciting journey. The initiators are hunting for appropriate spaces in prime locations in other major cities…


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