Amsterdenim is a part of the past and the future of Amsterdam. AAA quality goods from the denim capital. We love denim and respect the earth, our only home. Amsterdenim – The Amsterdam Jeans Brand.


Every Amsterdenim item has a story. Dealt processed in the styles of the most common day brands. The stitching on the back pocket of our jeans is a piece of the map of Amsterdam, the so-called “Golden Bend” (Herengracht) it is placed according to the “golden section”, both horizontal and vertical.

The Andreas crosses from the Wapen van Amsterdam (est 1275) come back in the 3 knots of the button flying in the rivets. The upper node has all the letters of the word AMSTERDENIM and is a reference to the past of Amsterdam as a diamond city.

An example of the tops is the JAN-KEES t-shirt. This comes from YANKEES, this name comes from the common names of the settlers in New Amsterdam; JAN and KEES. New Amsterdam is now known as New York. This t-shirt is a reference to that the DNA of Amsterdam and New York is the same in the same.

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