A new cushion on your sofa can give your home like a whole different look. With our double sided real fur cushions, you instantly add a touch of luxury to your interior. Every pillow is recovered from a fur coat, making them all individual and unique. Only a few cushions can be made from one coat.


What initially started as a one time project has evolved into the FURNESS collection. We all love the little luxuries in life, so we have created and upcycled real fur into bespoke and individual unique designs. Each cushion is handmade in Antwerp, Belgium to give your interior that exclusive touch you look for.

FURNESS cushions and throw pillows are made from vintage fur coats which are locally sourced with care, to guarantee quality and heritage. Our designs have playful details that refer to their past lives: a hidden pocket, a vintage button,… making each FURNESS absolutely unique.

Just one to two cushions are created from each coat, making them true collectibles.


“Some of my earliest memories are of the fur stoles my grandmother used to make when I was living in Poland. They were the softest, cuddliest, most luxurious things I’d ever seen and to me fur was the most magnificent material ever created.
Although you’ll never catch me wearing a fox stole, I still have a penchant for the more luxurious things in life and love surrounding myself with beautiful objects.

I also love vintage items, handmade and unique designs and spend most of my weekends combing garagesales, flea-markets and second-hand boutiques to find the treasures I adore.

Each FURNESS fur is hand selected by me personally to ensure its heritage and quality. Only the highest quality products will make it into the FURNESS collection.”

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