Himspire is a unisex brand which pleases both men and women. Differentiate yourself, use colour, express yourself. – Be kind to yourself –


Himspire started in Brussels, Belgium in January 2013. Looking around us, we realised how difficult it is to differentiate a specific fashion brand when surrounded by many large international names. We decided to live our passion for fashion by starting this superb adventure and creating a young collaborative team with fashion and graphic designers and a photographer. Our concept is based on allowing you to dress according to your personality,without spending too much money. Himspire’s course of action is to cultive uniqueness at an attractive price. We want and are different to the various large brands surrounding us. You can find us at special events, such as parties, exhibitions, special events …, where we are present with a mobile stand.


Himspire is a concept which differentiates itself by being present during various evening and night events. It’s a Belgian brand which puts into the light young fashion designers, allowing them to show their creative designs to a larger and diverse public. All our designs are provided in small and exclusive series, while being price attractive. We work and produce in Belgium and collaborate with different social sewing studios, providing work to the underserved. This approach has been a key element to our project. Thanks to our mobile stand, we provide an innovative approach, promoting the work of our fashion designers by coming to you rather than you coming to us. We also innovate with the idea of doing day, evening and night shopping which is a unique concept. Next to our own brand, we collaborate with other exclusive European brands who’s identities are close to the image of Himspire. We always focus on small fashion collections which are renewed on a monthly basis; avoiding you wearing the same clothes as your neighbour. We make it a point of honour to remain original, to offer quality and a regular turnover of our fashion collections.

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