Studio Aina

‘More Diversity Please’ daagt uit om diversiteit van vrouwenlichamen te omarmen door middel van tekeningen van borsten.



Studio Aina. likes to break old habits. She makes hidden socio-cultural issues accessible to a larger audience by visualizing information with illustrations, performances and stories. The result are playful experiences, workshops and challenges that create space for the openness and spontaneity to discover and learn more about ourselves and others.


This project is an ode to women. It pushes us to embrace the beautiful diversity of women’s bodies through drawings of breasts in all shapes, colours and sizes. The prevailing beauty ideal is slim and symmetrical, and under the pressure of social media, girls find it very important to look ‘perfect’, yet we miss an openness about the change from child to woman and the uncertainties that come with it. Aina interviews women of different ages, ethnicities and shapes, after herself having had a breast reduction. Every woman has a special story to tell, and by visualising and sharing these, she hopes to explore sensitive themes such as inequality and sexism, as well as critiquing prevailing beauty ideals.


1 from 7 women get diagnosed with breast cancer. That is why part of the proceeds will be donated to Pink Ribbon.

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