Pure alpaca straight from Peru: RUANA

Every piece of our RUANA collections carries a story and helps sustain a community and an ancient craft. Our garments are made with love and soul by artisans who exhibit a harmonious relationship with their immediate environment.

The creation of the RUANA brand came about as part of a rediscovery in my own country, Peru, and in the case of my husband, the revelation of another of Peru’s many treasures.

​During our visit in the Peruvian winter of 2018, we met a wonderful family of highly skilled artisans who captivated us with their alpaca world of gorgeous fibers and beautiful handworks.

​Peru is home of some the finest raw materials and natural fibers in the world. Making use of nature’s own resources has been the core of Peruvian fashion since pre-conquest Peru. And alpaca, a marvelous fabric unparalleled in quality, has been one of the country’s golden materials throughout its history. Producing 80% of the world’s alpaca yarn, Peru sets the standard for highest quality and sustainable fashion within the alpaca market.

​Proper animal care remains the backbone of the industry as herdsmen depend on the alpaca fleece produced throughout the animal’s lifetime. Live alpacas are never harmed for their fleece during the production process.

​Wrapping yourself around one of these finest, softest garments is a unique experience for your senses. You’ll love the fabric! You’ll love the look! Wrapped up in a RUANA itself, a beautiful, cape-style and versatile design, inspired me to start this new adventure.

​Honoring and helping preserve the tradition and craftsmanship of Peruvian artisans through uncovering exclusive alpaca fashion pieces is what RUANA is all about.

Carolina & the RUANA team