Road to the perfect tattoo care

We asked Carl and Johan how to take care of your tattoo as of the start …


Once the tattoo is in place, apply a thin layer of C&J Regeneration Cream several times a day. Four to five applications per day are usually sufficient during the first week. Ultimate protection is obtained by using C&J Purifying Soap twice a day: rinse with lukewarm water, apply C&J Purifying Soap, rub in gently until you get a layer of white micro lather. Then rinse off, pat dry and apply C&J Regenerating Cream.

As from week 2 gradually reduce the number of applications of C&J Regenerating Cream, switching instead to C&J Pocket Balm to nourish and moisturise the skin. It is possible to alternate between C&J Regenerating Cream and C&J Pocket Balm.


It is recommended to use one of the C&J Care products on a daily basis to help keep your black or multicoloured tattoos looking lively.
Our range includes C&J Tattoo Bodymilk (300ml), the C&J Tattoo Stick (40ml) and the C&J Tattoo Pocket Balm (12ml) and you can choose between the fragrances Blackwood or Rocking Roses. C&J Tattoo Bodymilk and the C&J Tattoo Stick are available for the more sensitive skin types. An unperfumed variant is also available: “Natural Fragrance”.

The CARE products: – provide an instant colour boost: bright, deep colour and level of shine (more with the Stick and the Pocket Balm than with the Bodymilk) – vitalise the skin by good hydration of the skin (particularly the Bodymilk), restore the lipid barrier and act as a powerful antioxidant: colour and lines remain in top condition, also effective in the long term!

Additional information: ­C&J Tattoo Bodymilk is also suitable for dry skin and for skin without tattoos. C&J Pocket Balm works best when stored and used at body temperature. ­ All Care products protect the skin and tattoos from chlorine.