Rooaaaarr! Trublue, straight from Canada.

TruBlue is a line of backpacks that allows you to express yourself and explore your path in a way that is uniquely you. If you are anything like us, your style can change with the seasons or the days. So choose the colours and fabrics that speak to you and change up your look as often as you want with our adaptable backpacks.
Since 1987 we have been designing and importing accessories, fueled by our passion to bring products that people love to the market.
We have created successful brands that have met the computing needs of people worldwide, and have met the constantly changing demands of the consumer electronic accessories market.
Inspired by the on-the-go, technologically inclined seekers of all things that are awe-inspiring(such as yourself), we have set out to create a brand of backpacks where people can express themselves by being involved in the designs. Create a brand that gives people confidence to go out and explore the world around them. Create a brand that exceeds everyone’s expectations. Not an easy task, but our team is up for the challenge.