Surprise your loved ones during social distancing

We’ve been social distancing for a while now. We stay inside and don’t see anyone but our household. Besides that one walk, we don’t have much to do. A difficult period for most of us, but this way we take care of each other’s health. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Still, we miss our visit to our grandma and the weekly get-togethers with our friends. Even though this isn’t easy to do, we can’t really complain. We are very lucky to be living in the year 2020. Hallelujah, technology! We have the opportunity to call and text our loved ones on a regular basis. But isn’t it time to do something more to let them know we are thinking of them?

Let’s give you some inspiration.

Steal their hearts

A simple text message can be sent quickly. However, it’s not really special anymore. But why would we bother to send a letter if we can send a text message in less than two minutes? It’s true, today’s technologies make it much easier for us. Yet a self-written card is the way to connect with your lover or a friend during this quarantine. Send a card from Hartensteler and put a smile on your receiver’s face. These cards are based on a form of Japanese art, “Kirigami”, and ideal for a special occasion to surprise someone you love. So let’s say it’s the perfect timing.

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Let’s go back to friendship bracelets

Not being able to visit your mom, sister or your best friend is heartbreaking. The empty space on the couch while binge watching a series reminds us again and again. Now we know what it’s really like to miss each other. If you want to be there for each other a little bit more during these difficult times, it might be a good idea to share the heart bracelets from Essentialistics. Definitely, a beautiful gesture to let them know you miss them.

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For the one who is most likely to get bored

Once in a while, we need a break from our daily routine. We usually whine a lot about it to our friends: “I could use some me-time.”. And here we are, living in quarantine. Certainly not what we meant and boredom is already coming towards us. Luckily we have found the ideal gift for those who always spam the group chat because they are bored. A puzzle from Lay3rd not only passes the time, but you can also hang it on the wall afterwards. Perfect to keep that one friend busy.

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Have some quality time

At the moment many of us spend time with their loved ones through a video chat. Everybody’s having a nice drink and it’s almost a real get-together. Since we do really have time for it now, it’s not a bad idea to get to know each other a little bit more. Think about it, when was the last time you had a deep conversation with each other? The “Give and Experience a good conversation” game of Paper Art consists of several questions that you wouldn’t normally ask each other so quickly. Perfect to get a better connection. Even during quarantine!

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During this period, it is important to take care of each other. Stay inside, let your loved ones know you miss them more than anything in the world and do something special for each other once in a while. This way we can really make a difference.

Stay safe, everyone.