Sustainable candles inspired by music festivals

We’re a plant-based and cruelty free brand from Amsterdam. We make hand-poured candles from Rapeseed Wax andessential oils with a few, paraben free botanical fragrances. We chose rapeseed wax because it’s grown in the EU, also biodegradable and renewable.

We’re a music loving couple and our scents are inspired by our favorite music festivals:
NAEBA: Inspired by Fuji Rock Festival, Japan. Yuzu, tea-tree, ylang-ylang & sage.
PILTON: Inspired by Glastonbury Festival. Sandalwood, amber, cedarwood, black pepper, cinnamon & raspberry.
STORMUR: Inspired by Iceland Airwaves Festival. Oakmoss, seaweed, eucalyptus and orange.
INDIO: Inspired by Coachella Festival. Pine, patchouli, blood orange, bergamot and smoky birch.
ASAGIRI: Inspired by Asagiri Jam Festival, Japan. Hinoki, rosewood, rosemary, ginger, basil and mandarin.

And our candles have very long burning hours:

  • 60ml – 15 hours
  • 170ml – 50 hours
  • 500ml – 60/65 hours