Table in a box: all in one concept for dining!

The ancient Egyptians gave their deceased cups and dishes to the hereafter. Twelve-hour dinners were not uncommon with the Romans. And the paintings by Bruegel are filled with party-celebrating and drunken peasants. For centuries the dining table has played an important role in our lives. But the last decades have changed. Difficult working hours and the rush of modern life mean that we make less time to eat together.

That must be changed, I suddenly realized three years ago. I missed the cozy table discussions with children, family and friends. That’s why I cut a difficult knot. I gave up my job and started my own business: Hortense Happy Moments.

From that day I followed my heart. And I did what I like to do: let people enjoy each other’s company. I organized workshops on table decoration and flower arrangements in which participants worked together creatively. But I wanted to make more people happy. Create more cozy moments.

And that’s how Table in a Box started. Because  would not more people organize dinners if they did not have to worry about a table that was looked after to perfection? If they were provided with all the attributes (including instructions for table placement) at home? And if they lost no time searching for atmospheric music and simple recipes? Our answer: absolutely.