• Who made your Amsterdenim clothes?

    Ever wondered where your Jeans were made? We asked Amsterdenim... a story about sustainability and transparency... "We believe in slow fashion. Buy Less Buy Better. We work with certified manufacturing partners, all as close to home as possible. Amsterdenim jeans are all made in Italy and Turkey, just a few hours from our Amsterdam HQ. [...] Continue Reading
  • Story about the history of jeans and selvedge denim

    A short story about the history of jeans and selvedge denim. Jeans were originally designed as work wear. The railroad workers, ranchers, miners and all the other tough jobs had a demand for sturdy clothing that lasted for a long time and was easy to repair. Nowadays denim jeans are a wardrobe essential and aren’t […]

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  • Who made your Amsterdenim jeans?

    The future of fashion is sustainable. We asked Amsterdenim who makes their clothes. “We do our best to produce in a sustainable way by keeping it close at home (our jeans are produced in Italy and Turkey) working with certified factories, using as little water and chemicals as possible and working more and more with […]

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  • NEW: SJAAN slim fit jeans for women by Amsterdenim

    We are proud to present SJAAN, the first ever style developed by Amsterdenim for women. It took them five years to finally come with women’s jeans. The SJAAN slim fit jeans has been tested by many different women during the past 2 years. Follow #amsterdenim_sjaan on Instagram to see them. The philosophy of SJAAN is very simple […]

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