• Conceptstores

    An article from Het Financieel Dagblad about concept stores, Scoopstore cannot be missed. As a conceptstore, we offer various labels in our stores, from clothing to interior pieces, and much more. In our three stores, located in Antwerp, Ghent and Mechelen, we offer both different and the same labels, but nevertheless a different domestic style [...] Continue Reading
  • Table in a box: all in one concept for dining!

    The ancient Egyptians gave their deceased cups and dishes to the hereafter. Twelve-hour dinners were not uncommon with the Romans. And the paintings by Bruegel are filled with party-celebrating and drunken peasants. For centuries the dining table has played an important role in our lives. But the last decades have changed. Difficult working hours and [...] Continue Reading
  • When graphic design meets jewelry design

    Fleur fatale is the Jewelery label of Jewel designer Greet Tanghe. Greet designs fine, stylized jewels in silver, gold and porcelain. Her creations have been abstractly and graphically refined, where her previous life as a graphic designer does have something in between. Discover contemporary, tasteful jewels that give an extra touch to your outfit. Continue Reading
  • You don’t think so! Scriptorij ;-)

    You don't think so! All right? No kidding! We pronounce them dozens of times a day. Don't really think about it. But they are often the beginning of what really needs to be said. Giving trust and recognizability. That's why we thought: let's put those typical hollow expressions and clichés on stage. Because often the most [...] Continue Reading
  • Quote it!

    Julz is short for Julie Vynckier, who is also the designer of the quoted canvasses. The idea of Quote.it by Julz started with not finding the perfect gift for her best friend. Gifts should be beautiful, personal and not too serious. After some research and with some creativity the first quoted canvas was made. The [...] Continue Reading
  • Awash fashion, only for cool kids…

    "Sometimes you find a pearl in your life. I found mine in Ethiopia. He is called Yonatan. And I am Ellen, his mum and I love him. But also fond of beautiful children's clothes. That is why Awash was born, named after his distant birth village. Awash feels like coming home for me, in things [...] Continue Reading