The beauty of ceramics … AnnaBelle

AnnaBelle Ceramics is a small ceramics studio, where everything is made bij hand by ceramic artist An Beullens. These contemporary objects with a rustic touch, will fit both modern and classic interiors. My collection consists of tableware and decorative pieces in earthy colors, emphasizing the character of the clay.


My name is An Beullens, and I am the owner and creative spirit behind Annabelle Ceramics, a small artisan ceramics studio. My studio is located in Tielt-Winge, in the heart of the Hageland in Flanders.

As a little girl I was fond of tinkering. Candles, birthday cards, decoration, … But then I got older and the tinkering made way for studying and working later. After a few years my fingers started to itch again. I wanted to make things instead of spending my days in meeting rooms and behind a desk. And so in 2013 I decided to register for a pottery course at Syntra. At that time I never thought I would ever become a full-time potter.

As my self-confidence grew behind the wheel, my dreams started to become a professional ceramist. In 2016, after long deliberation, I finally submitted my resignation and I started to make those dreams come true. I like to make beautiful ceramics that can be used every day. My hope is that every piece will ever find a new warm home and get a special place in someone’s daily life.

Thank you for choosing handmade and thus helping to realize my dream!