The beauty of imperfections

Do you also see the beauty in imperfections and raw materials? Then you will love upcoming label studio anouck van puyvelde! We asked her where the inspiration comes from…

“My designs are inspired by the transitoriness and the beauty of wear and tear. I can actually see the perfect in the imperfect. Structures in my daily life, such as a cracked tile or a rusty piece of metal, fascinate and inspire me. This also reflects in my personality. I see the beauty in everyday things.

From a casting process I design jewelry. I let myself be guided by the materials and play with the minerals and their reaction to the contact with silver. The gaps that arise are as interesting as the minerals that remain present. 

I also like incorporating pearls in my designs because I find it fascinating how the pearls merge into the jewel. With my designs I want to make people aware of the beauty of the imperfect. I want to prove that it can be equally beautiful, or even more beautiful.”

For sale at Scoopstore Gent and Eindhoven.