The story behind Cheesin, the cheese revolution

Cheesin offers every month a selection of the finest cheeses to your front door. What’s the story behind? Meet the founder Gijsbrecht.

“Let me introduce myself: I am Gijsbrecht, (just) in my thirties from rural East Flanders. Husband of a sweet wife and father of two treasures of children. Working in a chocolate company (I am a foodie), I am also a big fan of tasty cheeses and as a result of this I recently became a driving force behind cheesin, an idea that wants to turn the cheese world upside down.

The decision to start cheesin is the result of a very practical problem. A problem that I think should be resolved.

The cheese landscape in Belgium has changed drastically in recent years. The local cheese shops that used to introduce each village to products full of passion and craft had to make way for economies of scale, margin expansion and price pressure. Small shops reluctantly closed their doors and supermarkets happily took their place. However, with the disappearance of these specialty stores, many consumers also ended the opportunity to purchase traditional, small-scale cheeses close to home. After all, these local cheeses were not interesting or profitable for supermarkets. Result: a shrinking of the offer and a loss of authenticity.

Yes, some specialty cheese shops still keep their heads above water – fortunately. Unfortunately, they too often cling to their traditional (or should we say old-fashioned) customs. We all know the image of a typical cheese shop: brick walls, dark wooden beams, reed mats under the cheeses and plastic bunches of grapes in between. In addition, they are almost always located in city centers and their classic opening hours make it difficult for today’s hard-working consumer to visit. I am convinced that this can be done differently and better.

Cheesin offers an online platform on which you can order a box with unique cheeses every month via a subscription formula. These boxes are cooled (!!) and brought to your front door via courier. Including information and experience.