The story of Anne Tellier

My mum was mostly a quiet and self-controlled woman, except for that one time she cut her bridal dress in pieces after having a massive fight with my dad. *
I was only six year old and completely shocked! That evening I took the different pieces of the dress out of the trash and the next weeks I made lots of bridal dresses for my Barbie dolls. As my granny was the designer of my mother’s dress, I felt sad that I couldn’t show her my creations I was so proud of.

The next years, I took the train every Wednesday after school to the sewing workshop of my granny. I was really fascinated about her passion for this beautiful craft and her perseverance to achieve the highest level of craftsmanship. Undoubtedly, she reinforced my love for fashion and design.

Creativity has always been a continuous thread in my life. I have always felt the irresistible need to create.
As I was into admiration for the musical skills of my paternal granny and my dad, I followed their example by playing the violin for a long period.
Making music and exploring other creative skills became fixed values during my childhood.

When I grew older I choose the certainty of a job as a primary school teacher. I worked for 25 years in a Brussels school. My job gave me lots of satisfaction.

During my working life as a teacher I followed different courses of pattern drawing and sewing and I never stopped creating garments.
I was a committed teacher with a too high level of ambition. Ignoring different signes related to a burnout, I continued working as hard till I finally crashed.

After a period of recovery I decided to follow my dreams and I created my own fashion label with its unique concept: the design and production of timeless and made-to-measure jumpsuits and dresses, sold during home parties.

Besides private sales I also sell my timeless and non-seasonal collections to multi-brand and bridal shops.

* After 57 years of marriage, they are still happily together.