Unique sweaters, t-shirts and bags by Joh Clothing

Unique sweaters, sweaters and t-shirts that are trendy, casual and sporty … that’s what it’s all about at Joh Clothing. Ideal for any age! Your sweater or t-shirt has to be eye-catching, have that ‘wow’ factor and above all have a unique touch. Choose a nice sweater or t-shirt from our wide basic collection or go for a sweater specially designed for sports events. A Joh sweater always makes you unique.

From which brain does Joh Clothing come? From that of Johan van Grimberge, of course, the founder. And the ideas? From the house designer: Sander Evers (Studio Fjell) with his own great style and flair.

Who is Joh Clothing? For you! A unique sweater or sweater from Joh is for you, for everywhere. Joh is a brand of today that thinks of the future. That is why we work with quality materials and work together with a Fair Trade brand. Even more, Joh also wants to involve the local entrepreneurs in this unique sweater and t-shirt story. Green, driven, enterprising, unique and chic.