Wanna try some gin coctails?

Discover some great recipes based on the Clover Gin.

Clover Side

3,5 cl Lucky N°4

15 cl Italicus
20 cl sugar syrup
lime splash
clementine tonic
garnish: cardamom leaves and flower

Citrus Clover

5 cl Lucky N°4
4 cl mandarin juice
2 cl green tea syrup

finish with cardamom espuma and bergamot zest

Spicy Clover

5 cl Clover gin
2 cl sugar syrop
15 cl ginger ale

garnish: coriander leaves, slice of ginger

Last Clover

2 cl Clover gin
2 cl Luxardo Maraschino liqueur
2 cl yellow Chartreuse
2 cl lime juice

garnish: zallotti blossom, lime

The Lucky Serve

5 cl Lucky N°4 Clover gin
15 cl premium tonic water
a slice of grapefruit
a sprig of rosemary
ice cubes

add a few pink peppercorns to spice it up

Just Me & Ginger

5 cl Clover gin
3 cl lemon juice
5 cl mint-sodawater
2 cl ginger syrup
ice cubes

stir with spoon
garnish: mintleaf, lemoncurl


5 cl Clover gin
3 cl lemon juice
2 cl sugar syrop
3 cl coconut milk
2 cl egg white
1 dash angostura bitter
ice cubes

shake for 20 seconds
garnish: vanilla pod

Pure & White

5 cl Clover gin
1 cl lemon juice
5 cl milk
1,5 cl hazelnut syrop
1,5 cl Baileys
ice cubes

shake for 20 seconds
garnish: coffee ice cube – ground nutmeg

The Classic Serve

5 cl Clover gin
15 cl tonic
a slice of ginger
a few coriander leaves
lots of ice cubes

to spice it up add a little lime zest

Clover Punch

50 cl Clover gin
20 cl rhum
25 cl lemon juice
18 cl syrup
75 cl prosecco spumante
(serves 12)

keep the bowl cool
garnish: blueberries, blackberries, large lime wedges, mint leaves

Clover Lollies

70 cl premium tonic
6 cl Clover gin
3 cl lime juice
a few slices of lime

mix – pour into your moulds over the lime slices –
put in freezer for at least 3 hours

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