G’day, How ya goin? The Smart Knot!

Bow ties are bound to become the next hot fashion item. We are very proud to present to you a brand new label all the way from down under. The Smart Knot bow ties are handcrafted, in Melbourne Australia, with the utmost attention to detail. For instance, the shape of The Smart Knot bow ties are slightly more complex. This to prevent it from looking flat or out of shape, like regular bow ties. The Smart Knot searches far and wide, for the best and most astonishing fabrics. Fabrics with complex weaves are made with the best fibres such as Silk, Worsted wool and Cashmere.

We do have to warn you. Wearing The Smart Knot bow ties is not without consequence. When wearing our bow ties, you will most likely become the most interesting and noticed person in the room. Combined with your skyrocketing confidence and your slightly rebellious attitude, The Smart Knot guarantees you a new adventure, every time you walk out the door.

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